Friday, April 22, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

I have finally decided that I no longer want to have to cope with the floor tiles in the main room of my apartment.  Even the thought of cleaning them makes me feel tired so, at the recommendation of our unofficial facilitator (she cleans the public areas of the two apartment blocks, knows all the residents and managers and lets us all know what is going on) I have received a quote from  a cleaning company which already services several apartments within the complex.  Two people -  needed to lift the Big Persian  -  for a couple of hours per fortnight to do the floors, dusting and a bit of wiping with the option of having my carpets cleaned and the balcony and windows cleaned as one-off extras.

I haven't accepted yet but will do so as the time will come when I need help with the apartment and it will give me more time to do the things like spinning, knitting and reading.

Parsifal is back to trying (sometimes successfully) to swing the pictures and 'Jerusalem' fell down last week with a resounding crash when the fishing line broke under its weight  Parsifal was not able to reach that one so it was a natural disaster but not so bad  -  the glass did not break.  I have been out to Bunnings and bought some heavy-duty picture wire for Jerusalem and some lighter weight wire to reinforce the others.  I intend to move the two floral watercolours to my bedroom and install a couple of more robust oil paintings by Maynard Waters in their place.  One of the Maynard Waters fell down soon after I moved in but it was in a windy spot which was more than the fishing line was able to cope with.  The watercolours both have glass which, broken, would not be good for the cats' paws while the Maynard Waters pictures are unglassed and painted on ply wood.

I am not sure if COTA took me seriously when I said that I was resigning but the computers seems to be working now so I am happy to continue if they want to have me.  The boss was not there when I left on Thursday so I left a message with everyone else there and hopefully I will have some clients next week.

Microsoft seems to have stuffed up their mail server which is easier to work and understand than Office Outlook.  It has been giving error messages for five days now and was told that they were developing a new format which would take up to 48 hours to get up and running.  There is a map online of the outages around the world and it fluctuates with most of Australia back online  -  but not me.   Not 48 hours and not yet at least; maybe never.

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