Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sometimes I just want to sit down and cry

Finally, finally, after I had to threaten to resign from COTA I managed to get someone to come and have a look at the computer which I am supposed to teach on and which has been refusing to connect to the internet.  How am I supposed to teach computer skills on a computer which not only refuses to connect to the internet but which refuses to open some programs.  MS Word can be opened from a shortcut on the Desktop but not from the start menu  -  that is wrong.  Students should not learn to rely on shortcuts on the desktop because they probably do not have them at home and if they do not know to connect through the Start Menu they have a problem and we are not giving them their money's worth.  And if they cannot open a program through the start menu but only from a shortcut what are they to do?

So the administrator/computer service people were contacted and now, I was told before I left for the day, that not only is the computer I use connected to the Internet but someone will be out to check ALL the settings on all three operating systems.  I'm not holding my breath.  We also deleted about half of the icons on the desktop so that the ones which are left can actually be found without a map and compass.

Tomorrow someone is coming to give me a quote to send a couple of people to clean my apartment on a regular basis.  I can manage the basics if I potter but the large expanse of tiles has me defeated.  Not only is the furniture too heavy (and I am not supposed to lift heavy weights) but the big Persian rug is totally beyond me.  I have been folding it sides to middle and hoping that no dirt or grime penetrates to the middle but it needs to be lifted so that the floor can be cleaned properly.  And, of course, there is always black fur on the carpets.

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