Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All this new family to register

Yesterday was a very interesting day.

To begin with I had my Knitting Club in the early afternoon.  It is held on the first Tuesday of every month and usually between 2 and 6 people attend.  However yesterday people kept on arriving and we ended up with about 18 people  -  unprecedented!  So we have decided to hold the club every Wednesday and see how it goes.  We would certainly not be able to accommodate more than we had yesterday without drastically reorganising the room and bringing in more tables and chairs so now we can come if and when it is convenient and there will, hopefully, be a spread of people  -  maybe less but more often.

Then later in the afternoon my cousin/half cousin arrived with a lot of information about the side of her family which connects with mine and with a great number of old photographs, a lot of which depicted my mother and her brother, along with my grandparents and Auntie M.  And I have finally found out where "Miss Schraeder" fitted into the family; she was the children's nanny.  As Great Grandmother Maggie had six small children this was, in those days, a necessity.

I have been left with a borrowed family tree of the B. family which, my cousin informs me is probably not totally accurate.  I already know of one inaccuracy; both engagement and marriage newspaper reports showed one member of the family using her second name rather than her first name and all records in the family have put her first name second.

I will enter the data on the presumption that my instinct is correct and that my grandfather and his twin brother were fathered by my Great Grandmother's second husband, not her first husband who is actually  their legal father (they were born within a marriage) even though their legal father refused to recognise them.

Still no luck with John Sexton, though.  I thought that I had a promising lead but the reply I received when I emailed the Admiralty Records in England suggested that I should make my way to Kew and search their records myself.  As I live in Australia it would be an expensive jaunt, especially as the person who replied to my email seemed to think that I was a beginner genealogist and I was given a great deal of helpful advice on research, including the observation that genealogy research could be expensive.  In view of his assumption that I should drop everything to travel halfway around the world to check on an entry in their records he is undoubtedly correct in that.

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