Sunday, March 27, 2016

We are all getting back to normal again.

Poppy can now eat without throwing up and she is actually eating kibble which is wonderful since she no longer has any teeth.  And she is playing again which is lovely  -  although it is going to take a bit longer to mend the rift between her and Parsifal.  After over a week of hissing and spitting at him whenever he got anywhere near her there is now a sort of armed truce but they no longer curl up to sleep together.  Hopefully with the coming of winter this will change but for the moment she has decided that I am a warm body and she has elected to sleep with me.

I have finished knitting the sweater which I have been working on for some time.  It looks gorgeous in its un-sewn state and I just hope that it will look as good when it is all put together because I would like to knit it again  -  many times.  It is quick and easy and looks as though it will be a casual sweater to throw on  whenever  -  a bit like comfort food; warm and comforting.  I will post a picture of it when it is all put together.

I have got back to spinning after a break to push forward with my knitting and I must say that it seems to work like a kind of meditation  -  mindless repetitive movements enabling me to switch off my mind and let it wander where it will.  I do listen to audiobooks sometimes but there is a limited supply at the library and I don't want to use my tablets to download them from 'borrowbox'.

I am currently reading a book called 'Road to Ruin' about Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin.  He seems to be a sad sack and she is obviously a female version of Kevin Rudd  -  foul mouthed and ambitious; not  a good combination.

I am also reading 'Baghdad Burning  -  girl blog from Iraq" which is horrifying, frightening and fascinating.  The BBC bought the rights to the Blog and Riverbend disappeared in Syria where her family eventually moved; but a couple of years ago  -  after people kept on enquiring as to how she was getting on there was one more post to say that she had moved from Syria before the trouble started, went to another Muslim country and from there moved on again to a country which she felt was safer and which I assume is probably Jordan.  I used to read her blog but came in a bit after the event and read the last posts but missed the first of them.  I have both books so I will be able to read from go to whoa.  D2 has asked to borrow them when I have finished reading.

here is the promised phot of my finished sweater:

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