Thursday, March 17, 2016

We are all fasting today

Thursday is always one of my 'fast days' because I spend morning and into the early afternoon at the computer lounge or travelling to and from there so there is little temptation to eat.  By the time I start to get really hungry it is my yoga time and that takes away my appetite so I manage from about 10.30 pm to 6.30pm  -  about 20 hours with only coffee and a dash of skim milk.

The cats, on the other hand, have food on tap at all times and are not taking kindly to being deprived this evening.  They are having their teeth scaled tomorrow and that needs a general anaesthetic so fasting from 8.00pm this evening is in order.  They are to be admitted to the Vet hospital at about 9.00 tomorrow morning.  Hopefully they will be resigned to their deprived state by then because they are both pacing at the moment.

I am concerned for them because both of my last pair died after tooth extractions and although they were both quite old when it happened it is still a concern to me.

I have almost finished the second sleeve of the kimono sweater which I am knitting and then it is just the sewing up.  It is not in my colours but is gorgeous and if the pattern turns out well I will use it again.  It will be loose, warm and comfortable.

A couple of days ago I had to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Owners Committee to discuss the erection of two pergolas over on the north side of this building.  We sat and waited for 45 minutes before we were able to field a quorum and then found that we were obliged to 'vote without dissent' on the two motions which meant that we could vote for the pergolas but not against.  Anyone with objections has 28 days to submit their reasons to the inner circle.  By this stage I was getting very confused about it all and I THINK that we agreed to one of them but not the other  -  that one to be attached to a dividing wall.  The problem seemed to be security but anyone able to get over the wall should be able to do so from the pool area whether or not there is a pergola on the other side.

The meeting was supposed to be attended by the owners from both Apartment Blocks just in case anyone in Block A wanted to build a similar pergola  -  but since we were dealing exclusively with two particular pergolas in Block B it all seemed a bit much.  However, it was decided that any new pergolas would be of a particular design built by a particular company so I suppose that something was achieved for all the Claremont Residences.  And now we wait for 28 days to find out if the pergolas are to be allowed.  Since the areas are huge and open to the summer sun they are unusable during the daytime in summer and I think that the requests are reasonable but, of course, it doesn't affect me or my apartment.

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