Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sync or Swim

Having decided that it is time I gave more attention to the family of the man who is probably my REAL great grandfather rather than my legitimate great grandfather I entered his name into my Family Tree Maker program and suddenly I have about 25 of his descendants showing up in my own family tree.  That is great and, considering the dearth of information on historical data here in Western Australia, saves me a lot of work  -  although there is no information on my (half?) great uncle's eldest son.

The cats are  recovering from their ordeal and Parsifal has been no problem except that he is supposed to be on a soft diet after losing one tooth and he likes soft food which is usually given as a treat.  Poppy, who now has no teeth is on a soft diet and pain killers as well but seems to be very happy.  If her teeth were that bad they were probably giving her quite a bit of grief.  She had five teeth removed, the same number as this time last year so she has obviously lost a few in the interim since I am sure that she started with more than ten teeth.

Her sore finger is due to osteo-arthritis in the metacarpo-phalangeal joint of her fourth finger if you count her dew claw as her thumb.  I still need to clip the claw and will still muzzle her although she no longer has the wherewithal to bite me when I do so.  She seems resigned to the muzzle and lets me put it on without a struggle.  She shared my bed with me last night and kept me awake for ages as I was restless and reluctant to disturb her by tossing and turning and she spent today back sleeping in her 'little soft place' which is the pile of pillows on my bed.

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