Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bollywood Burn

A week or so ago I decided that I was getting a bit bored with my Yoga DVDs and maybe needed a couple of new ones so I went online to see what I could find.  There were no new routines as far as I could see but there were two Bollywood DVDs.  D1 does Bollywood dancing and finds it great fun and good exercise so I ordered the DVDs which arrived a few days ago.  One is a 50 minute routine which I haven't explored yet but the other one has three 15 minute workouts which I figured was about my tolerance and went for that one.

The first day I didn't make it to the end and retired out of breath so I decided that I would master that one before I tried the other two.  I have just about managed it to the end now but need to keep up to speed a bit better as it is quite fast and a  brilliant aerobic workout  ...  but I have been so stiff that I could hardly move a couple of days ago.  That is gradually subsiding and the stretches from my yoga are helping as well. 

There was an article in the newspaper a few days ago which said that research has shown that people who dance are 40% less likely to have a heart attack so if I keep it up on a regular basis I should be good to go and it appears that the makers of the DVDs also produce yoga discs so I need to investigate them; Bollywood in the morning and yoga in the evening.

I have decided that spinning less and knitting more is the way to go as I am accumulating quite a lot of yarn  -  and faster than I can knit it  -  so I spent this afternoon with my current audio book knitting instead of spinning and will do that more often.  Autumn is starting to show itself in cold mornings and warm days so the sooner I finish the sweater I am currently working on the sooner I can wear it, terracotta being the new black for this season.

My "Windows 10 Bible" arrived yesterday after a bit of chasing around the suburbs.  The courier tried to deliver it while I was at COTA and then left it at a drop-off place which would have entailed a train ride, a bus ride and then a fairly hefty hike.  I phoned the drop-off place and the courier service and asked for a re-delivery and the owner of the drop-off place, a pharmacy in another suburb, sent the courier on his way and refused to accept the package  -  so it arrived in good order yesterday morning.

I realise that Windows 10 is constantly morphing but the book seems to be good for basics so I need to sit down at this computer and work my way through it to at least get an overall picture of all its little quirks and differences as I am still trying to find my way around some of the stuff and all my clients at the moment have 10 so I need to be able to at least teach the simple stuff.

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