Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Asked Microsoft to Marry Me

Microsoft sent me a "Happy Leap Day" email so I replied with 'Will you marry me?" but so far I haven't had an answer from them.

People forget what Leap Year means for women; it is the one day when women were allowed to propose to men and if they were refused the man had to present the woman with a pair of white gloves.  I can remember a Leap Year when I was at University  -  a friend of mine proposed to a man  who had six sisters and who, after he had finished his medical degree was intending to spend the rest of his life at Australia's Antarctic Base (no women down there in those days).  He refused her offer but presented her with a pair of white baby mittens in the true spirit of the occasion.  For that he endeared himself to me and it is what I most remember about him except that he was stunningly good looking ... and his name which was pretty awful.

Poppy has suddenly come out of her sulks and has become a lapcat again, even forgiving me for muzzling her and clipping her claws.  Parsifal has also become very cuddly and purrs in my lap instead of beating up Poppy; although he is still intent on swinging the pictures and I intend to move them into my bedroom and replace them with a couple of unglazed oil paintings which will not shatter if they fall.  They will not look as good but will give me peace of mind and they are in the right spirit  -  the painter always draws the rear view of a tomcat on the back of all his paintings. has destroyed Family Tree Maker  -  it not just no longer supports it but it has removed the files from my computer and left me with a basic tree which is interactive but limited.  It is really annoying because I spent years researching my family and now I have to pay for the privilege of accessing it.  I gather that another program will be replacing FTM but it has not yet been released and I have put my name down for a half-price special offer  -  more money out for my years of research.  When you consider the number of people who have been forced to contribute their family research to a money-making operation it is staggering.

I have been very tired and have not done any yoga for several days but am feeling much better and will get back to it tonight.  I think that my 'sleep deprivation' regimen, although it has helped my insomnia, has caught up with me and I just needed to sleep in for a couple of days.

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