Thursday, March 24, 2016

Things are getting better all the time

It is now a week since Poppy had her teeth out and things are sort of getting back to normal.  At least she is not spitting and growling at Parsifal whenever she encounters him and he, poor darling, cannot understand what he has done wrong.

To keep himself entertained he has been finding new ways to grab my attention.  To begin with he kept on tipping over and emptying the rubbish bin in the Cats' Bathroom.  I became tired of putting it upright and putting back the rubbish but since there is nothing in it but empty Milton packages which, by their very nature are clean and sterile, I eventually left the wrappers on the floor so his latest thing is straddling the porcelain inside the toilet and drinking the water.  Not a good idea, in my opinion but at least he is now too big to get flushed down.  Last time he tried that trick he was a tiny kitten and he tried to leap in just as I was flushing away the kitty-litter.  I backhanded him across to the other side of the toilet and still do not know if he was small enough to get flushed away if he had succeeded in jumping in.  I still get the shudders about it.

I have had several semi-sleepless nights where I have had to crawl out of bed to clean up multiple chuck-ups in the bedroom.  One spot would be bad enough but last night there were about four as she moved around the room and deposited her latest offering.  I have hardly a clean towel left and set the washing machine going at about midnight.  I know that she can't help it but I wish that she would confine herself to the tiles, not the carpet.  But she is finally managing to keep some solids down so hopefully things will start to get back to normal soon.

But to make things even more fraught I arrived hope from COTA yesterday and there was no Parsifal to meet and greet me which was unheard of.  I called him and searched every cupboard, drawer, cat bed and any other place I could think of but he just wasn't there.  My neighbour in 701, whom I thought might have taken him in if she had found him wandering the corridor joined in the search but still nothing.  Security hadn't seen him and as a last resort I went over to 'Zoo' where we sometimes visit when I am buying catfood,  Nothing!  I was sure that I could not have let him out accidentally as I went for the lift but he just wasn't in the apartment.  I arrived back from Zoo very despondent and there he was waiting to meet and greet me when I walked in..  I still do not know where he was; he obviously has a secret hiding place somewhere.

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