Friday, January 20, 2017

Needles in Haystacks

I finally finished knitting my Chunderup sweater and last Tuesday at the Knitwitches meeting I sewed up the raglans so that I could knit the neckband.  Yesterday, when that was done I planned to sew up the side and sleeve seams but couldn’t find the sewing needle I had been using.

I figured that it was probably with my knitting stuff, emptied out the bag and went through everything.  No needle  -  I still had a bigger one but that would not have pulled the thread through to tidy up the tag ends and as there is nowhere (would you believe) in Claremont which sells sewing needles I gathered myself up to take the train four whole stops to Mosman Park where there is a knitting and patchwork shop.  By this time it was midday in midsummer and I needed to wear a hat but it had gone missing and I had to wear an old one which didn’t stay on in the wind.

Caught the train, bought my needles and just missed the train back and had to wait for 15 minutes for the next one, got home and unwrapped my needles from their packaging only to find that I now only had one needle instead of two and the one which had gone missing was the one which was the right size .  So I was back to crawling around the floor where I finally found it underneath the couch.  I settled down to pin the sweater and in amongst the pins was my original needle.  Truly Sod’s Law at its finest.  And I later found my hat right next to where I always keep my handbag.

I have fully recovered from my bout of Meniere’s Disease but have a squamous cell carcinoma on my leg which is going to have to come off.  I have an appointment next Friday to see if it can be removed in the doctor’s surgery or if I will need to be referred to a Plastic Surgeon.  Hopefully not since my last tangle with one of that crowd left me very angry because he was determined to have me anaesthetised for a very minor procedure, be collected and driven home by a family member who would then be expected to spend the night monitoring me.  When D2 flatly refused to leave work to collect me I eventually persuaded him that a small needle prick was what I had actually wanted all along.

The Claremont Town Council has dumped a huge and hideous sculpture at the end of The Lane.  It is called “The Shimmerer” and is supposed to be a Chimera so either the sculptor didn’t know how to pronounce chimera or she assumes that the general public think that the word is pronounced shimmerer.  I would have thought that after years of Harry Potter people would be able to pronounce the names of all the fabulous beasts  -  but maybe not.  For those who don’t know  -  Ky-meera.

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