Monday, January 9, 2017

Such Luxury.

Today I changed the sheets and did the washing while my new robotic vacuum cleaner did the floors for me.  It gives a new meaning to multi-tasking.  I have had The Monster for a couple of weeks now and it has pretty well got the floors under control.  I let it out for a run most days and it has finally picked up most of the loose fibre from the very inferior carpets which we are lumbered with in these apartments.  We were promised top quality wool but I doubt if there is very much wool in them.

There has been a lot of washing to get through because Monday is my sheet changing day, I still had D1's bedding to wash and D2 spent a night here when I was struck down by an attack of Meniere's Disease.  No nystagmus or vomiting so things are settling down.  D3 reminded me that I  had an attack about this time last year and I am wondering if sugar is a trigger  -  to much sugar, any way, as the occasional coffee and cake has never affected me to my knowledge.  But chocolate mousse and trifle are a totally different matter, especially since I am left to finish anything left after Christmas.

I have discovered a group on Facebook entirely taken up with Meniere's Disease and it gives a firsthand view of medicine as practised in the USA. It is interesting to see the measures which people go to to modify the awful symptoms.  I think that I now know why my own case is designated as "untypical";  I do not get the unrelenting and nightmarish sound effects which usually accompany the condition.  The dizziness, nausea and loss of balance are bad enough but to have constant tinnitus would be unbearable. 

Himself's dog died a couple of days ago and he is devastated.  She was old and arthritic and it was probably a happy release for her but he is now totally alone.  His brother-in-law has been staying with him but will be flying back to England the day after tomorrow.  I doubt that COTA will be functioning until next month and am not sure if he will be teaching much this year; he is finding all the new technology a bit difficult to cope with.    Our Colin has seen fit to close down the railway line to Victoria Park with only very limited services and I certainly do not intend to be there unless there is great flexibility regarding the time and number of clients.  The advice from the government is to allow an extra 45 minutes per journey which would make more than one client unmanageable and hardly worth the trip.

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