Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bouncing off the walls

Yesterday afternoon I realised that my balance was off and I was feeling nauseous. This has happened before and last time it happened I ended up in hospital so I phoned D2 for help and retired to bed. She arrived and gave me an injection of stematil, after which Boy-Cat and I curled up together and slept for 15 hours. I got up at one stage and had a bite to eat and a quick shower and I was vaguely aware that he got up a couple of times during the night but we both woke up much refreshed this morning. I was still bouncing off the walls a bit but that has improved during the day and I am back to normal again.

Obviously, it was an attack of the short-acting Menière's Disease, rather than the long lasting functional labyrinthitis, which is cheering because I can cope with an occasional day in bed but not months and months of feeling dreadful; and I have all the medication I need - it is just that it is impossible to give myself an injection when I can't focus my eyes.

Boy-Cat has decided that I need looking after and since he no longer has his little sister to curl up with I am the one in the firing line. Whenever I sit down he climbs into my lap, he tells me when it is time to go to bed and then crawls in with me, orders me to groom him after his breakfast and generally lets me know that he has my welfare at heart. He is a lovely and loving cat but it all gets a bit much and I have had to deal out a small amount of 'tough love' to give myself some quality time. I hate doing it but it has to be done or I'll never have a moment's peace ...

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