Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spinning back into control

Today I had a holiday from the Computer Lounge so The Doctor would have had to cope with the lady who wants to send anonymous emails. All power to him; I will be interested to know how he went and if she tried that suggestion on him. And even more, I want to know if the computers have been fixed as The Administrator was writing out a cheque to pay the techie to come and fix them ... not before time.

I decided that, instead of wasting time today I would try to get done some of the things which I have been promising myself for months so I dusted off Himself's vinyl-to-CD machine and processed a couple of records and - more to the point, I unwrapped my spinning wheel, greased it and started plying the bobbins of spun fleece. I managed one of the two because my rhythm was way off and the wheel was stiff. As well, I couldn't get the tension right - something which needs some serious attention. The wheel is actually supposed to have a double drive band but I have converted it to Scottish tension because it is easier to control ... but the tension screw keeps on loosening itself. I need something better than a toothpick jammed in to stop it moving. And moths have been at the fleece so everything is now in plastic bags with naphtha flakes. Once I have plied the second skein I can start on the black alpaca which has been sitting in its bag for years; home grown by Rosemary1 and her alpaca, Clare.

I must see if D3 wants to come to the Royal Agricultural Show with me in September and see if we can buy a couple of fleeces as I would like to get back to spinning and knitting. One day I will commission a sideways wheel for myself; one day ... !

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  1. Spinning sounds very relaxing to me, but difficult. I use to crochet a lot. That worked for me. I still have lots of yarn. Perhaps I will bring it out make something.

    I'm glad you are feeling better, minnie.