Friday, July 24, 2009

Email mania

I had a real doozie of a client at the computer lounge yesterday. She was supposed to see The Doctor but the Boss didn't want to get him in for just one client so I got her instead. As usual, I asked her what she hoped to use her computer for and she said that her main aim was to be able to send emails. Later, it transpired that she wants to be able to send anonymous emails to expose corruption. She doesn't want the emails to be traceable to her. I said that it was impossible, that all the online email hosts made the users agree not be send nuisance emails and that an anonymous email was likely to be sent straight to the spam folder, but she said that all people had the right to expose corruption. My response was that if she is not brave enough to put her name to the accusations then her emails would probably never be read.

We shall see. I certainly won't help her to open an online account and if she managed to do it on her own at some stage then I won't be in any way responsible.

My other client is a sweetie but her computer, which she brings in, is a messy mish-mash and I can't sort it out, particularly since she can't connect it to the network. She lives close by and I may pay her a visit and see if we can get things working better. Her twelve-year-old granddaughter phoned her IP and sorted out her password (the one she had was impossible to remember) and perhaps the grand-daughter could sort out the rest for her. One of her problems is a trial version of MSOffice which is about to run out and that is the email which she has been using. She can't understand why she can't keep on using it ...

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