Monday, July 20, 2009

Grrrrr ...

The roof on my shed has been leaking for some time and eventually I decided that, with all the rain we have had recently, it was time to get it fixed. I got a couple of quotes and organised to have the job done. However, with all the rain the contractor was very behind with orders and it wasn't until today, five weeks later, that the work was eventually done.

Notwithstanding, on 14th July, I received an 'overdue' account. Fearful of my credit rating I phoned the company and they assured me that it was a computer error. Today, an hour after the work was completed, I received another, rather threatening, 'overdue' account, posted on 17th July. Again I phoned the company and was told that they had received 'quite a number of similar phone calls'. The accounts are generated automatically, according to the woman I spoke to ... but wouldn't you think that they would have something in place to tell the computer when a job has been completed!!!

The weather has been very wet - with gales, hail, thunder and lightning - just like the old days. I really don't believe in this "global warming' which has morphed into "climate change" which covers all eventualities. We are just coming out of a mini-ice age which peaked in about 1660. Naturally the world is going to warm up. *sigh*

Our fearless leader has cooked up a carbon credits scheme whereby polluting companies buy the right to spew out pollutants and then the Federal Government compensates them so that, in fact, the government is paying them to pollute and will be paying out more than it gets from the sale of carbon credits. In effect, us taxpayers are paying companies to pollute ...

This is a great place to vent. *grin*

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