Monday, August 3, 2009

Down with google chrome

I have had google chrome as my default browser for about a week but was constantly irritated by the lack of tabs so that I was forever closing things which I didn't mean to. Then today I found that I couldn't right click and create a shortcut any more, and I love shortcuts. So I uninstalled it.

That is when I thought that I had completely messed up the works: every time I tried to open a link or a shortcut I was asked what program I would like to use and although I selected IE and said that I wanted that program to open the link, the next time the same thing would happen. And then I found that hyperlinks didn't work at all and I was preparing myself to phone Techie and get him to come and take away the body but googled (yes, I googled google) 'google chrome' and found that a heap of people had had the same problem and one of google's employees had posted a 'how to fix the problems associated with uninstalling google chrome'.

It worked!!! Yeah ...

For anyone reading this blog here is what you do:

Open Internet Explorer/click on the Tools menu/Select Internet Options ->Programs

Click on button Make Default (I had to click on the box which asked the computer to tell me if IE is not my default browser). Click on Apply.

... and suddenly everything works again

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