Sunday, August 23, 2009

... and yet more about facebook

My bookcrossing group on facebook now has 34 members but is not doing very much. I have discovered that when a person becomes a 'friend' then all his/her posts anywhere in the system feed into your 'wall' and there is one whose messages I have had to hide. This is not the one I mentioned previously whom I have also hidden; my wall was becoming like a wall of meaningless graffiti with most of the junk being of no possible interest to anyone except the person who wrote it. I think that twitter is the best place for that boring, meaningless, egocentric stuff. One day I will go there and have a look at KRudd's twitter - his genius for obfuscating is legendary.

I will probably wait a while and then gently remove myself from the Woodlands group and the family name group and just keep an eye on the bookcrossing group since I own it and the members of the group deserve a bit of supervision and an occasional announcement; I owe them that much.

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