Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am all enmeshed

Yesterday the cat mesh company installed the cat mesh on my balcony so all I have to do now is to block off the bottom gap to make the kittens safe from unexpected descents. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I had lunch with D2 yesterday and we went shopping afterwards and bought the bare bones of the kittens trousseaux. Today I went back and checked that the local pet emporium sells flushing litter and while I was there I bought two carry boxes. I will inspect the litter trays which I already have with a view to upgrading if necessary and will wait to see how they take to being harnessed before I get a big pet pusher so that I can take them to the park. It may be that they will be better off not knowing that there is a great big world outside of the apartment. I'll see ...

The leaky windows have been sealed - I hope! We are unlikely to get many storms like the ones we have had over the last week so it may have to wait until wintertime to test the seals.

The Selfs are back in town; they arrived a couple of days ago and Himself has picked up his car. The Welsh contingent is arriving tonight.

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