Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The windows of Heaven were opened

We have just weathered about 12 hours of continuous thunder, lightning and rain culminating in a southerly gale which drove torrential rain horizontally.

Unfortunately for me, my apartment faces south and my balcony and everything on it was thoroughly rained on.

... and my windows leaked.

I started off with hand towels but had to resort to bath towels in the end. It wasn't the windows themselves but the frames; the water came in underneath them. We may never have another storm like that one but the maintenance man was around within 40 minutes of my phone call and will have the leaks fixed as soon as things dry out, although with the weather we have been having, that could be months away.

I suggested that it might be an opportune time to check the other south-facing apartments. He said that he intended to ...

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