Sunday, December 25, 2011

The ghost of Christmas present

Yesterday was Christmas Day so that is done for another year.

D1 arrived last Sunday and was sweating on a tender she had put in for an apartment. She won and was able to do most of the business part of the transaction online and at the CBA Claremont Branch so she is very excited. It is about three minutes walk from the apartment which she has been renting for the last 20-or-so years so it just where she wants to live - a walking distance from the CBD and her workplace.

My kittens have had their innoculations and I can have them next week; unsterilised, so the breeder must have been given a good report by my vet as she is happy to let me organise that part of things. I have bought all that they will need when they come home and I'm turning the powder room over to them as the door swings so close to the vanity that it is not easy for an actual person to actually squeeze in and it will be perfect for them with the loo to flush their flushing litter down, space for three litter boxes and a hand basin for me to wash my hands when I have done the litter things.

I went to Christmas lunch at the Ex's place and the kids and GBs came here in the evening for a sausage sizzle and trifle. The GBs wanted to do the sausage pricking business and we had to create enough rubbish so that they could put it down the chute. The joys of childhood; to be allowed to throw rubbish down a rubbish chute.

Next year the kids are all coming here for Christmas lunch which will be much quieter than lunch yesterday where there were about 20 people, kids and noise. Roll on next Christmas ...

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