Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kittens - at last

This morning i went to visit my new kittens at Canning Vale. It took me almost an hour to get there but at least I didn't get lost. It is a whole new world over that way; huge shopping complexes and the cattery was in an area designated at a "Kennel Area".

I had a choice between two boys and as they both looked alike I just pointed and took one of them. he turned out to be a really cuddly little boy and went to sleep on my lap, purring like a buzz-saw. The little girl wasn't quite so settled and would have liked to explore rather than be restrained. The Burmese girls tend to be pushy and I suspect that the Bombays are the same, considering that they are almost pure Burmese with a but of common cat introduced to get the black gene.

I could have had them before Christmas but I opted to take them in the New Year so I can introduce them during a quieter period and it will give the breeder time to have the boy neutered a little bit later. Not as late as I would like but better than nothing; even a couple of weeks will help his little urethra to grow a bit.

I still have to wait for the screening mesh to be installed and until then I will not feel totally comfortable about the whole kitten business but they are coming next week to install it, after which I can breath a bit easier.

I took some photos ... I can't upload them due to a technical fault but will keep on trying.

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