Wednesday, November 30, 2011

... and there WAS light

The electrician came this morning and fixed the light over my computer. He began by changing the globe and the transformer but it still didn't work so he looked further and found that the connecting leads were loose so he replaced them and, yeah, the light works again.

I have been measured for cat-mesh and have paid a deposit to ensure that it is installed this month (it is December 1st here in Australia). Having sorted all that I felt that perhaps I could tempt fate enough to visit my kittens so I phoned the kitten breeder and I will be seeing them on Monday morning. I just hope that everything doesn't fall down before the mesh goes in or that no-one complains about it afterwards.

I feel rather the way I did when I first went to boarding school: not sure of the rules, not sure how much I could get away with and with a sense that my life wasn't totally my own any more. Coming from over 30 years of being my own boss with the ability to do exactly what I wanted in my own house I am really not enjoying having to obey rules again.

And Big Brother is watching; there is a security camera in the lobby.

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