Thursday, November 10, 2011

Now I have heard everything (I think)

I was talking to the Multiplex troubleshooter because the burners on my cooktop have become very erratic and this morning I could not get any of them to light, so one chicken carcass destined to become chicken stock has bitten the dust and will have to be thrown away because I had already thawed it. It has gone back into the freezer for the weekend and then it will go into the bin. We were discussing the merits of Asko appliances compared to Miele and I told her that I intended to replace my Miele dishwasher with an Asko because the Miele didn't get things clean. She said that she had heard that the Miele does a sensor wash so if I rinse the plates before I put them into the dishwasher, the dishwasher thinks that everything is clean and doesn't try very hard.
So I am going to try throwing everything in unrinsed and see if it manages to sense that they are in need of a thorough clean and acts accordingly.
My kittens are about five weeks old and about to be registered so I submitted a couple of names to their breeder. My first choice is Parsifal and Poppaea, neither of whom was a very desirable person. Parsifal appears to have been a few kangaroos short in the top paddock and Poppaea was not best friend material but maybe she had a hard life; well she had a hard death anyway - her husband kicked her in the stomach when she was pregnant and she died.
My second choice was my initials, Epsilon and Sigma. We will see. My main hurdle is going to be getting the breeder to hand them over as some conditions apply but hopefully I have that in hand and will be able to take them around the New Year.

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