Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turning a blind eye?

This morning I phoned the cat screen people to try to get some idea of if or when they were coming to measure and quote for kitten screening. They hadn't opened my email of 9th November with the pictures of the balcony. I discovered this when the girl I spoke to suggested that I should send some photos so that they could give a rough estimate and I told her that I had already done that. Anyway, the outcome was that two men arrived about 3 hours later and had a good look and worked out how to fix the screens, promising a quote for the work.

Corporate Body doesn't appear to have either opened or read my email. If he is away this week then his assistant should be letting me know or dealing with it herself but I am going to go ahead on the assumption that he is turning a blind eye. Of course, it could still all come crashing down but at least I have tried to do the correct thing and ask first.

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