Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cooking with gas - or not

The gasman came yesterday and showed me how to turn on my cooktop burners. It is all about electronics and if the plunger which releases the gas is too far from the electromagnet which holds the plunger in place the gas won't be released. Clear as mud but I have to be sure to give an extra push when I turn a burner on in order for the electromagnet to connect with the plunger. The bad news is that if the power goes off the electromagnet doesn't work and the gas goes off too.

All this electronic stuff is getting out of control; I can't open a window in my car without turning on the ignition. Crazy stuff. But I have managed to shut my fridge up. There is a button to turn off the open door alarm.

And my dishwasher, incredibly, actually does wash better if the dishes go in unrinsed. Since I only run it every three days, unless I am doing a lot of cooking, there is plenty of time for the food to dry onto the plates, but ...

I have just received, in my mail box, a brochure letting me know about all the delights which the Claremont Council is planning for us in the lead-up to Christmas and it is rather daunting. Imagine amplified live music in every nook, cranny and alleyway ... and fashion shows which will have their own amplified live music, and schoolkids singing carols and stalls selling various things - as though we didn't already have enough shops here. I am starting to sound like Scrooge but it is really rather over the top.

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