Friday, November 25, 2011

Dem Dry Bones

My Family TreeMaker 2012 disc arrived last week and I have installed it and do not like it a bit. The format is quite different so I have had to try to work out how to add the information which I only have in printed form and is the information my half third cousin and I collected about the Davies side of the family.

Foolishly I started from the wrong end - a cardinal sin in genealogy - and I have spent the morning 'merging individuals' because I suddenly found that I was duplicating people already in the system. Hopefully I have now blended all those who need to be blended and can get on to working out how to add notes, sources and citations.

At least it is keeping me occupied. The smoke from the big fire at Margaret River has caused a smoke haze over the city and I have retreated to my sealed, air conditioned, apartment on account of my asthma. This works both ways because I have been forced, therefore, to come to terms with FTM and get all those Davies' sorted out and they are complicated. They had a habit of multiple marriages, multiple partners, name changes and disappearing into Darkest Africa or New Zealand.

Win 7 has a lot to answer for, making me do all the entries again since FTM16 doesn't work with Win 7. I think that I have the up to date version on the computer 'minette' so that I can check things if I need to but why, oh why, did FTM have to make things so much harder. It used to be so simple.


  1. You sound to be having a very fruaght time of it

  2. All sorted now but I have to deal with someone who wrote me a very rude email saying that I had the information about one of my great something aunts all wrong, that she married someone totally different and that she was a descendant and KNEW.

    However, since her preferred bridegroom appears to have died about 15 years before his bride was born I have emailed back to suggest that she has the wrong Sarah Keeling.