Monday, January 2, 2012

The kittens have come home

This morning I girded up my loins and drove to Canning Vale to collect the kittens. Compared to Boy-cat who weighed eight kilos they are tiny and feel totally fragile but the way they have been rioting around since they got here belies that impression.

They were both asleep in their carry box when we arrived and I left them sleeping for a couple of hours after which they started to explore. So far they have not ventured very far; to begin with they set up camp behind the washing machine so I had to lure them out of the laundry and shut the door. I wasn't happy about them being there. So now they have chosen to rest behind the biggest of the litter trays which has rounded corners and a big overhang. Except for the cold bathroom tiles they are very neat little hideaways, one kitten to each corner.

I am starting to be able to tell them apart without looking at their rear ends. Parsifal is super-friendly and is going to be an ankle winder, I suspect. Poppaea is less outgoing but is clever. She tried to play with her own image in a mirror wardrobe door and when she realised that she couldn't reach the other kitten she dashed out into the passage in the hope of attacking it there. For a baby that is very creative thinking.

They are asleep again, having thoroughly toughed each other up. I have left their carry box available but they have lost interest in that; the litter tray is the thing ...

D1 went back to Sydney yesterday and arrived safely. Tomorrow she will be signing transfer documents and giving notice that she intends to break the lease on the apartment she rents. I think that settlement is next month and she is already planning to get a pair of kittens. Hopefully there is nothing in the Body Corporate rules to say that she can not have a companion animal or two.

My smoke alarm went crazy on New Year's Eve and the book of words said that there were no user-replaceable parts and that the smoke alarm should be replaced immediately. Faced with the thought of three days with it chirping every minute or so I phoned the Multiplex contact person who sounded as though she was at a family gathering. However, she gave me the name of the electrician whom Multiplex uses (but not until after the holidays) and as a last resort suggested that I try pressing all the buttons. I pushed the "test" and then the "Hush" and after a couple of chirps of protest it silenced itself.

Hopefully there is nothing else which can go wrong but I am not holding my breath; there is a gale blowing through the eaves and something went 'thump' somewhere and it wasn't the babies.

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