Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peace, perfect peace

They are both asleep ... inside the couch. Knowing that the underneath lining on one of my leather couches was coming adrift I asked if D3 and SIL could, as a Christmas present, buy some unbleached calico (stronger than the stuff under there now) a loan of their staple gun and some manpower to upend the couches. Regretfully, they had already bought me a Christmas present but promised the couch fix for Mothers' Day instead.

The girl kitten, Poppaea, found the hole yesterday afternoon and both kittens slept inside the couch last night and are back there now so peace reigns for the moment and it is better, and I am sure it is more comfortable, than sleeping on the hard cold floor behind the litter box.

They slept on and off until yesterday afternoon when they suddenly exploded into activity and explored the apartment at high speed. Last night they were not able to jump up onto anything but this morning Parsifal hopped up onto my lap and helped me to do my meditation. That involved using me as a ladder to get onto the back of the couch. Poppaea contented herself with chewing my toes; not a very meditative meditation.

However, they are eating well and what my pharmacy euphemistically calls 'internal' hygiene' is all working as it should.

Poppaea is a bit shy and doesn't really seek out attention ... but shouts if she thinks that she has lost her brother; and she is very, very clever. Parsifal is the outgoing one with a purr like a buzz saw, demanding attention. I have yet to hear Poppaea purring. I am sure that will come when she is more comfortable with me.

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