Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Those babies

This morning I trimmed the babies' fingernails. There wasn't much to trim but they were feeling a little bit prickly. I didn't do their toenails as there wasn't enough to trim. They were as good as gold and it only took a second.

Tomorrow morning we are visiting Dr Dave for vaccinations, microchipping and de-worming and to discuss the imminent spaying of Poppaea in a couple of weeks.

I am starting to be able to tell them apart some of the time without looking at their rear ends. Parsifal is into everything and always in danger of being shut in somewhere. He managed to get himself shut into my sliding pantry arrangement and was there for about an hour before Poppy told me that he was in there. Ever since then he has been desperate to get back again; I can't see what the attraction is but he loves it and tries to open it with his paw.

Poppy is a bit of a loud-mouth, less adventurous and has decided that her aim in life it to be a lapcat; she is very cuddly and shouts for attention if she thinks that she is being neglected. She has taken over my spinning basket which, since she lies within the Lazy Kate, is too small for Parsifal to get in with her, not for want of trying.

The Selfs came for an early dinner last night so that they could meet the kittens who were so exhausted after playing for so many hours that they put themselves straight to bed and didn't stir again until I got up this morning - not even to use their litter. Then they both decided that the small emergency litter tray in my bathroom was exactly where they needed to go for their morning 'internal hygiene'. At least it was only one to clean out.

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