Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smoke alarms and showers

My smoke alarm has been chirping again; not as much as it did on New Year's Eve but enough to let me know that all is not well with it.

The maintenance person came today to try out a new fitting for my shower recess to see if it drains better. If it doesn't work then it will have to be re-tiled with smaller times. A hassle but probably better than having to squeegee it out every day in order to let the floor dry. While he was here I asked if he was the person to speak to about the smoke alarm so he tried resetting it which sent it crazy. He removed it from its fitting on the ceiling and has promised to return with a new one but even so, it has chirped once - unless it is one of the other ones and my directional hearing is playing tricks.

I am including a photo of Parsifal pretending to be king of the computer. He loves to play Freecell and makes it extremenly difficult for me as he sits up and tries to catch the cards as they move, completely blocking my view of the screen. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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