Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The rosy glow of a job well done

Yesterday D3 and SIL with various kids in tow came over and fixed up the bottoms of the couches where the kittens had torn the bottom lining down. When it came down to the crunch there wasn't enough calico so they used red and white gingham on one couch and blue and white on the other. It is very neat and the gingham doesn't show but the red one reflects a bit onto the floor so that it looks as though there is a small red light underneath. I have no quarrel with that as, at night, I get a rosy glow from Hungry Jacks down below, not to mention all the other lights which the Claremont Council installed after the three girls went missing some years ago. We are now lit up like a Christmas tree; every nook and cranny has its own light.

The kittens have discovered one of their new beds and use that although Parsifal is currently asleep in one of my clothes drawers. He is putting on weight and is a complete clown. Poppy is very cuddly and now purrs as loudly as Parsifal does. They are learning that I don't approve of being bitten and scratched and now mostly reserve their toughing up for each other.

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