Sunday, January 15, 2012

All I ever learnt about computers I learnt from my cats

They are getting bigger and more energetic and are sleeping less. They seem a great deal of time galloping from one end of the apartment to the other or toughing each other up. In their rest periods they like to take a flying leap into my lap and curl up to sleep. Flying leaps are a specialty and Parsifal once took a flying leap into the litter and landed spreadeagled. I didn't laugh, of course ...

I have finally got around to having my eyes tested and, as I suspected, my distance vision has become more distant but that is the only thing which has changed this time so it is only one new pair of glasses instead of three. This means that I might get extravagant and get a second pair of distant ones; choosing frames is fun!

I have discovered that one of the hinges on my shower recess is getting rusty. I can't imagine why anyone would install rustable hinges in a shower recess but it has got to a stage where nothing about the workmanship of this apartment any longer has the power to surprise me.

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