Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who is the cleverest of them all?

The kittens are starting to look like little cats now; they have lost that fluffy roundness and look more like tiny panthers. I can usually tell which is which now; Parsifal has a sharper nose and he is fractionally bigger than Poppaea. Poppaea has a huge IQ though. She has figured that there must be a way down to all the interesting things beyond the balcony and although she has tested the limits and found that she can't break through, I will reinforce the brick mesh with a second layer ... for my own peace of mind.

We have an appointment with Dr Dave on 15th February for their final vaccination and at that time will discuss sterilisation; unless, of course, Poppaea starts to call before that time in which case it will be off to the doctor pronto.

Someone is coming on Monday (today is Thursday) to drill out the drain fitting in my shower recess and lower the whole thing in the hope that it will fix the problem I have been having. In the meantime, my makeshift solution is working very well so I am not too fussed about it any more.

And my smoke alarm has been replaced and I now have the booklet which came with it, since it is different to the faulty one and I can stop it chirping by sliding it away from its connections.

A repair kit for the leather couch is on its way from New Zealand. I can't blame the babies for the damage - they have their claws clipped every week; it was Bast who put the scratches there and there is a bit of damage from the move which needs some attention.

D1 is moving into her new apartment next week. Settlement was moved forward and the painters and carpet layers are customising it at the moment. Just to cheer her on her way I sent her this video clip:

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