Saturday, February 11, 2012

"For he hopped like a cricket ... "

The water has gone feral again. It started surging at about lunch time yesterday but did not cut out altogether like last time. Last night a security guard and someone who was presumably a plumber rang the bell and asked me if the water was still surging. It wasn't at that time but it started again very soon after. At least the cisterns fill up but I didn't attempt to have a shower this morning and last night's shower seemed to be OK. The plumber said that all he could do was to reboot the electronics controlling the pump so, like the gas, if the power goes off the water will probably do so too. Poppy went to sleep on his foot while he was talking to me. His wife's cat has just had kittens so he wasn't too fazed by her.

The babies are loving their new pagoda cat furniture. They were both on to it before it had even been unloaded from the trolley. Parsifal has perfected the Harrier jet jump; straight up into the air with all four legs extended and all his toes spread. It seems that he thinks that he is a mongoose and his mission in life, thwarted by being an inside mongoose, is to kill snakes. But he looks so funny that I can't help laughing when he does it. Click on the photo to enlarge.

And one of the kitchen lights, after fluctuating for days, has finally given up the ghost. It is acting like a transformer with its on again/off again performance. Grrrrr ... I will try changing the globe so that I can justify getting it fixed under warranty. It is swinging loose so I am pretty sure that it is not the globe, though.

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