Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Second Calling

Parsifal has decided that, considering his Bombay heritage, if he is not allowed to be a mongoose he is going to be a sweeper. He has taken to riding on the broom when I am trying to sweep, chewing the bristles as he goes. It is all very difficult and I am using the Baby Dyson much more since the kittens don't like the noise it makes and tend to take themselves off to the nether regions. I suspect that the time will come when they feel brave enough to help me with the vacuuming. Not a cheerful thought ...

I found the boy sitting in the dishwasher this morning. I always have to check cupboards before closing them but the dishwasher is something new; I am always very wary around the washing machine.

They are no longer kittens; they are baby cats and now eat baby cat food which they much prefer to the kitten food so we are onto chicken giblets with rich gravy and tuna topped with prawns which are given more as a treat than as any sort of main food. They get through quite a lot of pellets.

The water is still surging. It is almost three weeks since it first went belly-up and the pump people are supposedly waiting for a new part but that doesn't explain why it is all taking so long.

It was GB1's eleventh birthday yesterday. The GBs had a pretty full-on day yesterday and have another one today but since they both have sailing lessons over this way and since GB2 wants to see the little cats, I am hopeful that I will get to see them today.

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