Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Siren songs

The babies came through their surgery almost without a hitch. Parsifal had a bit of a dry mouth from the pre-med but he soon fixed that with a large dinner which he said that he needed after being forcibly fasted for so long. He also said that he wasn't ever going to have a dry mouth again and is trying to discover how to turn on the taps which, since they are simple levers, he is bound to work out before too long.

They both make a rather cute little kitten squeak when they want my attention but I caught Parsifal practising roaring in the bath where the acoustics are good. Poppaea is much quieter and is very cuddly and soft. She doesn't seem to be at all put out by the stitches in her tummy and I am hopeful that they will stay in place for another week. Dr Dave told me that she also has internal stitches so her insides won't fall out but he would prefer them to remain in place for the full ten days.

I made a trip down the highway this morning to the new LD shop which looks gorgeous. However, having bought up big of the things I went there for I didn't stay to browse but will do so when I go to pick up a couple of things which they didn't have in my size. Maybe I should invite Herself to come with me to see the new place.

R3 came over here yesterday for a quick run through of some of the differences between XP and Win7, since she has a new computer. Techie loaded Thunderbird onto it and didn't set up Windows LiveMail so we did that as she didn't like Thunderbird (and I agree with her. Techie put it onto mine too and I rapidly took it off again). I use Firefox for things like updating this Blog because it refuses to post if I use Win7; and the same thing happens with LibraryThing.com - I can't post on the forum using Win7.

The water is still surging and it is getting worse. According to the Management it will be the end of this week or maybe into next week before it is fixed because a new part has to be obtained. I can't see why it is taking so long what with high-speed air travel and overnight overseas couriers. I am not happy ...

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