Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Water, water everywhere

The water came on again at 8.05pm, four hours after it cut out. I met the plumber in the lift after going over to the loos in the shopping centre with a 4-litre bottle and filling it up in the handbasin of the "Ladies' toilet". He was looking for the control room which he eventually found at the other end of Level 4 where the residents' car park is.

Because he knew which apartment I was in he came up to check that things were working again and he said that someone had somehow overloaded the pump which had retaliated by turning itself off. The official plumber is coming today to find out why it happened.

After a couple of lovely autumn (?) days we are getting back to heatwave conditions again. So far the air conditioning has kept on working but it must be about the only thing left to go wrong.

... and I can almost always tell the kittens apart - finally. Their faces have differentiated enough that I no longer have to look under their tails. I'll try to take some photos but they rarely stay still for long enough to focus my camera.

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