Tuesday, February 7, 2012

... but not a drop to drink

The tilers came and fixed my shower recess this morning. I hope that it works; I can't actually use it for at least 24 hours but they have lowered the drain thingy which has been standing proud to the tiles. I have always assumed that was the problem.

However, now I have no water! Last night the pressure was pulsating - full on one minute and then down to a dribble the next. Now I have none. I phoned poor, patient Natalie who promised to contact the building manager who, I gather, co-ordinates things like that. The window cleaners were abseiling down the walls yesterday although they didn't clean my windows and I do wonder if they did something to the storage tank. I assume that there is a storage tank on the roof to create water pressure to the apartments.

The babies are still a delight and I am constantly amazed at their creativity; everything is, or can be turned into a toy. I accidentally kicked one of them a couple of weeks ago and felt dreadful about it until I realised that the way they beat each other up and crash headlong into the furniture must hurt them much more: but they just pick themselves up and carry on regardless.

D1 is moving in to her new apartment the day after tomorrow and has been busy packing up her stuff ready for the movers. In the mean time she has had it painted and carpeted so that it will be all new and fresh for her. Hopefully things will go smoothly and she will be happy there.

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