Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vile Bodies

The water pressure is still playing up; it surges so that when showering one has to get wet, soap oneself during the pause and then hope to rinse off when the water returns. It sometimes takes two or three phases to rinse my hair after I have shampooed it.

It is nine days since the pump started to play up and the management has put notices by the lifts to say that they are aware of the problem (probably getting sick and tired of us phoning them) and the problem is being investigated. Considering how much we paid for our apartments it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. But it is not all that much of an inconvenience really; at least the water is still running.

The babies went to see Dr Dave to get their final vaccinations. He was very impressed with the size of Parsifal's nuts and said that they needed dealing with immediately. The babies are 18 weeks old today so they are both going into hospital on Monday morning to be doctored. I am glad that they can be done together - it is not easy to fast one kitten while feeding the other one. Because of the traffic between my place and the hospital they will have to go in first thing in the morning or it will take me up to an hour to get home again.

The highway needs widening and parents need to stop dropping their kids off at school in their SUVs.

The computer lounge is open for the year and my first client - who had some lessons in 2009 - wanted to know how to put pictures onto Facebook. Luckily I had re-opened my account there so I had some idea how to do things there and we gave her an avatar and posted a picture from one of my thumb drives.

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