Friday, March 2, 2012

Water, Water Everytime! Yeah!

The water flow is working properly again. No more chasing the spray around the shower recess or waiting for the spray to return so that I can rinse off. It has taken almost four weeks to identify the problem, acquire and install a replacement part for the pump. It would be nice to think that they would keep some spares in case it happens again but big companies don't work that way.

Poppaea has had her stitches out. Astonishingly they all stayed in situ for the whole time but one was getting a bit inflamed and I had noticed that she had started licking at it a bit. She is becoming almost too much of a lap-cat and I am starting to have to be firm with her or I'd be sitting down all day cradling a cat in my arms; she likes to be cradled like a baby so it is not just a matter of putting her onto my lap and getting on with my book or whatever.

I think that they are going to be smaller cats than my last lot (which were very big for Burmese) but already Parsifal is noticeably bigger than Poppaea so with his size and his longer nose it is getting easier to tell them apart and I am finding that I quite subconsciously know which one is which. Parsifal is still into everything and I have to check all cupboards before I close them; the dishwasher is the latest thing to attract his attention. He likes to sit in it.


  1. The cats are clearly coming on very well indeed and evidently proving to be excellent company too.

  2. .. at the back of the dishwasher, behind the plates.