Monday, March 12, 2012

Bird Calls

I am discovering why Bombay cats are advertised as good apartment cats; they are very quiet except when they are crashing and bouncing off the furniture. They have very soft little voices and when the babies want my attention they make a sound akin to a soft bird call - a sort of chirrup. The only time they go full throttle is when they think that I should be feeding them ... then Poppy shouts at me.

They are growing up now and Parsifal is noticeably bigger than Poppy. He is still determined to go out into the passage so I have started getting them used to wearing a harness. Parsifal doesn't think much of it and even if I carry him out into the corridor he simply rolls over. Poppy, on the other hand, walks with her lead on, but not far; it is all very new and scary out there.

But they are growing up true to their Burmese heritage and I wake up in the mornings these days to find one or both in bed with me. They have perfected the art of climbing in without waking me. It is nice - like old times but it is playing havoc with my gym attendance because it is much more fun to stay and play with them.

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