Monday, March 19, 2012

Computers and cats

Today Himself and I spent an hour telling people about computers. This was sprung on us late last week, originally being allotted 20 minutes but that was extended to an hour when another speaker probably decided that she needed more than 20 minutes and postponed her talk. Himself did all the talking and I worked the computer, sort of on command.

I cranked up the Win7 laptop yesterday to check its battery and it promptly crashed. After doing an error check I found that the mouse buttons had reversed themselves so I fixed that once I realised why I could not get the computer to obey me, but didn't check further, assuming that everything was working properly.

It was only today when I was asked to open MS Word that I realised that most of the formatting and editing ribbon had disappeared but I didn't have time to investigate the problem so we struggled on regardless. It took a right click on the 'Home' tab to get the option to bring everything back. Hopefully it will be better next time because we have been given another hour to cover security in detail and perhaps, if we have time, to do filing in more detail.

The kittens love their mouse game but all they do is sit and watch it until the game turns itself off in disgust. However, the iPad must send out some sort of signal which they pick up because as soon as I turn it on to do anything (I am still coming to terms with the super-sensitive keyboard) first Poppy and then Parsifal come running. At least it stops them from walking all over my keyboard when I am trying to use the main computer. I have to check the keyboard because when they walk on it they invariably turn on the caps lock, turn off the numlock and somehow manage to turn off the sound - and it is not the sound dial at the side.

Poppy is becoming very demanding and she is going to have to be pulled back into line. Parsifal's passion for water caused him to get into the bath yesterday when there was a couple of centimetres of water in the bottom. After doing a one or two of paw flicks he simply settled down to watch the water go down the drain hole. He is hardwired for mischief and is a total clown; bless him.

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