Friday, March 23, 2012

The Tides are no longer surging

Yesterday morning when I had my shower I realised that the water was no longer pulsing. It had been better for the last couple of weeks but the flow would stop two or three times during my shower which was very annoying. Now it is, once again, uninterrupted.

The next thing I need to have fixed is the symphony played by the drains in the master bathroom. There is obviously an air lock somewhere and after my shower there is a continuous cacophony from the bath and the two vanity basins as the water tries to drain away. That will be a plumber's job and the best of British luck to him because I think that he is going to have to go into the crawl space under the bathroom to get to the problem.

The kittens take themselves off at night after a bit of trampoline practise on my bed; Poppy to the igloo in the bedroom and Parsifal, I think, sleeps in the igloo in the main room. They are both in bed with me in the morning, though, and now that the mornings are getting chilly they are lovely and warm against me ... until Parsifal decides that it is breakfast time and crawls out from under and gently pulls my hair.

He is much bigger than Poppy now and it worries me a bit when they tough each other up but she rolls onto her back and adopts a defensive position. He bites, though and has bitten me the last two times I have clipped his fingernails. I am going to have to cover my right arm because he has sharp teeth and has drawn blood. He knows that I am angry but does it anyway. I guess that we will sort it out when he realises the inevitability of the blunt claws.

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