Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let there be light Mk 3

I have bitten the bullet and had all my halogen lights converted to LEDs.  It took two electricians about four hours to do the lot and put in a dimmer switch (which I didn't want but it came with the package) and the spread of light is wonderful after the halogen pinpoints of light interspersed with shadow so that wherever I was I seemed to be in the shadows.  Now there is light everywhere.  It was well worth the money and with the new smoke alarms and the cat flaps I am gradually customising the place.

There are disadvantages  (like having to sit on the floor to work the microwave oven) but with the summer of 40 degree temperatures the air conditioning is wonderful.  The next thing is to get some blinds over the big windows because even the double glazing doesn't keep out all the heat and cold.

I received the Wills of a grandfather, a great grandfather and a great uncle and great aunt and am now more confused that I was before; the ownership of the blocks of land known as 'The Hundred of Onkaparinga' seemed to turn up in various wills and I have no idea when or how they changed hands but I have a feeling that the executors of my great grandfather's estate did a bit of a fiddle somewhere.  Some of the language was a bit ambiguous  -  unusual for Legalese  -  and as he had left no provision for the 12-month old twins I suspect that a little bit of tweaking was done.  However, my Great Aunt Ada seems to have ended up with the bulk of the real estate.

There was also something a bit dodgy about the addition of a codicil to my great grandfather's will which caused the solicitor, who was one of the executors, to give a very detailed account of the event.  That was included with the will and I got the feeling that he was not very happy about it all ... or why bother to record it.  It has generated some deep thinking on my part but it all happened a long time ago and really doesn't matter that much any more; it was a bit of a shock nevertheless.  I don't think that my great grandfather was a very nice man.  He came across as vindictive, as did one of my great uncles  -  but that instance amused me because I understood the circumstances, it being much more within my living memory.

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