Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thumbs up for connectivity

Techie came this morning and connected all my computers by putting a folder on my desktops whereby if I drag and drop a file from any of the computers it will appear in the transfer folder of all the others.  That means that I can now transfer data to and from my Surface without having to email it to myself.

We had our first COTA day for the year yesterday and were eased in gently with only one client each.  One problem I am finding more and more is that there are so may operating systems around and most of the clients have no idea which one they have been set up with.

My client yesterday has a dongle (an iinet one, I think) and assumes that the $49 which she paid for it was a once only payment.  We just did the basic manipulating of actual windows and using google to search.  I have a nasty feeling that she might have been set up with Google Chrome; she has a google account for her email, I gather.  Next week we will see how much she has retained.

They all ask for notes but really we get such a diversity of levels and requests that it would be totally impractical and they are better off going to the library and borrowing a book on the subject.

Here is a picture of Parsifal helping me with the washing up.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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