Thursday, February 21, 2013

What BIG teeth ...

The cats were taken to the Vet the day before yesterday for their annual vaccination and to have their microchips tested as some in the batch do not scan.  Ours were fine.

They both had a quick physical once-over and they both bit Dr Sophie.  I DID warn her that they might.  They both took great umbrage at having their temperatures taken and were not all that happy about having their tummies palpated.  Parsifal has gingivitis and has to eat more dry food (he is fat enough already and eats dry food all day) and Poppy seems to have some front teeth missing.  Dr Sophie wasn't sure if it was congenital or if they had accidentally been lost.  I asked for details to send to their breeder but she has obviously forgotten.

A place has been found for GB1 at the private school of choice which providentially is very close to my apartment so I am to be the emergency call-up if he needs to be collected in a hurry.  It is a pity that he has to start after the others in his class but it is good that he is going to be attending that particular school; they have a sailing programme and I have been lead to understand that he is pretty good at sailing. (parents' opinion, naturally).

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