Monday, February 4, 2013

Not fire; not even smoke ...

Last night my smoke alarms started chirping on a regular basis every nine minutes and by this morning it was down to the regulation 28 seconds, meaning that the batteries needed changing immediately or I would be driven crazy.

As soon as the shops opened I was down in Coles buying the batteries specified by the booklet which came with the smoke alarm which was replaced under warranty last year.  I removed the cover but there was no battery compartment and the information, in CAPITAL  LETTERS, saying that there were no moveable parts and I was on no account to tamper with the workings.  So I phoned an electrician.

Luckily one was free to come straight away and he scratched his head and said that they were all still under warranty and would have to be replaced.  I told him that I wanted the sort where I could change the battery, not the alarm, when the battery went flat so he has replaced all three of them with smoke alarms with batteries which can be replaced by me if needs be.  It will be the second replacement for the one in the main room in 18 months so hopefully I can deal with them myself in the future.

As he carried the old smoke alarms out of the apartment the one which has given the most trouble was still chirping hopefully in his bucket of detritus.

I am posting a picture of Poppy, not because she had anything to do witht the smoke alarms but because I haven't posted a picture of her for a while.  She doesn't end up in strange places so it is just a nice pic of her now that she is grown up.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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