Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let there be Light (Mk 2?)

I have phoned a local electrician for a quote to change all my halogen lights (there are 40 of them) to LED.  The third globe had gone to the great big generator in the sky; the first a transformer, the second I was actually able to change and the one I tried to change today I had great trouble getting back into the ceiling and I had bought the wrong sort anyway  -  I got the sort that are over the bench in the kitchen.  Coles didn't have any of the other sort.  So that light is still not working.  I had made myself a promise that when he next one went I would have them all changed and today I spat the dummy  -  it has to be done sometime so it might as well be now.

Parsifal is being a proper little house-cat at the moment, helping me cook, wash up, change the sheets on the bed and sweep the floors.  I have some photos and a nice one of Poppy who, being a princess, doesn't DO housework.  She is content to lap sit and yowl when things are not done to her liking, which is quite often.

Click on the picture to enlarge it

The wills which I ordered have not been processed yet.  I phoned the Probate Office yesterday and they are in a queue which is manned by volunteers so I have to take my turn.  My mail is going astray again so I was afraid that they had got lost but nothing has yet been taken out of my bank account.  That fact reassured me but I was afraid that I had filled in the forms wrongly or something and they had been binned.  Not so ... they will come eventually.

In the meantime I can entertain myself by making a start on the much-married Davies familywhich I shall try to get straight for posterity.

We start back at COTA next week.  Hopefully no-one will want to learn Windows 8 becaue I haven't properly got it straight in my mind yet and Surface doesn't have a Sim Card so internet will be an issue if people bring their own computers.  Oh, well!  I have a couple of how-to books.

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