Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One year on ...

I collected my kittens exactly a year ago today and they have filled my life with love, joy and great amusement.

They are grown up now and Parsifal is quite a big cat; Poppy is petite and a bit prissy  -  a true girl.

As reported in various posts, I have had some problems with Parsifal and am still waiting for the animal behaviorist to get back to me.  As soon as normal life has resumed I will try to get hold of him again.  In the meanwhile I have this guide to consult.  I think that Parsifal has ever condition listed;  Poppy has the collapsing leg syndrome.


D1 came to stay for ten days and flew back to Sydney yesterday.  Driving to the airport was rather hazardous as the powers that be are digging up Great Eastern highway yet again and there were rubber bollards and cones for most of the way, which we all had to wind our way through at 40 KPH.  I had refused to drive the maze at night and D3 collected her on arrival.

Christmas was at my place this year and the kids, bless them, elected to have a sausage sizzle so we shut the doors, turned on the A/C and let the boys do the cooking on the balcony.  I made salads and the traditional trifle.  We have just weathered the longest, hottest heatwave for 70 years and today is the first time for a couple of weeks when I have turned off the cooling and opened the doors.

SIL installed a couple of cat flaps two days before Christmas  -  that was, at my request, the Vic park Christmas gift from the family.  It took the cats a couple of days to start using them but now there is no problem so I can leave the utility room open to the outside and with the cat-flap the cats have access to the balcony and I can turn on the air conditioning in the rest of the apartment.

I was going to try to take a photo of them for their anniversary but as soon as I went to get my camera they got off the white mattress cover and went to earth in their black-lined igloos where they are all but invisible.  I'll keep trying  -  but don't hold your breath.

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