Sunday, January 13, 2013

I've got the balls

This morning I decided that things had gone beyond a joke.  I have bought at least 18 ping-pong balls and numerous little rubber balls for the cats and I could not find a single one this morning so I went on a ball hunt.  I found 14 under the bookcase in my room which has a hollow base but is open at the back.  There were seven ping-pong balls and seven rubber balls and one of the kittens' fluffy balls.  A search of various corners turned up a couple more balls and we now have about 20 of them.  There are still some missing and unless they are under the washing machine (which I am NOT going to move) the rest have disappeared without a trace.  However, I have found a cheap source at the local sports shop so I am not too fussed.

The weather is hot and humid and up until now I have resisted turning on the A/C except in my bedroom at night but today is a bit much; there is a cyclone sitting out to sea to the north of us and another possibly forming so no relief for a while yet.

Techie will be back from his holidays tomorrow and I'll contact him to sort out the mail on my Surface tablet and get him to network all my computers, something which he didn't do when I moved here.  It has not been an issue but if the Surface is to work properly I need to be able to receive as well as send from my iinet account.  It DOES send, albeit reluctantly but persists in telling me that there has been no incoming mail for the past two weeks  -  which is rubbish.

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